Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google Project Ara May Be Suspended?


There have been rumors that Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google may have suspended Project Ara, which was an initiative into the development of a phone with interchangeable parts; meaning that one could attach, change, and rearrange parts in seconds – similar to that of a desktop tower.

Despite Google announcing that the developer kits would be shipped in 2016, and the product itself arriving on the market in 2017, due to the setbacks that Google has faced with getting the project ready for mass production, it is predicted that one should not expect a Google modular device anytime in the near future.

Although this decision has not been publicly announced as of yet; it is already clear that Google is focusing its hardware production on both Chrome and Nexus, leaving no time nor space for the development of the modular device.

Despite Google itself not developing and releasing its own modular device, there have been rumors that the tech giant plans to license the technology they have developed to third parties in order to further develop the idea and solve current problems that Google has been encumbered by.

If you had your heart set on purchasing a modular phone that is able to do what Google promised, all hope is not lost. One can purchase the Motorola Z or the LG 65, both of which may not be as amazing as what Google was attempting to develop – but they are still innovative in their own modular way.

This is not the only direction of change that Google is reportedly heading to; there is also speculation into whether the Nexus brand is soon to be replaced by Pixel due to the orientation and focus of Google’s hardware development.

With regards to the plans of Google, as well as the focus of their research; There is a Google event that will occur during October, where hopefully the company will provide information on their decisions and where they are aiming to go in the foreseeable future.

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