Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Project Loon Gets A New Business Leader Tom Moore


Despite the continued successful tests of Project Loon in different parts of the globe, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google is yet to declare it as a commercial product. Loon has been in Google’s X research division for a while now, but it has shown steady development progress. The unit has taken up the mandate of reviewing poorly internet-connected spectacles by spreading broadband internet access which will use balloons.

However, the hiring of Viasat executive Tom Moore who takes up the role of the team’s new general manager may turn things around given his practical and extensive experience in the industry. The testing of the balloons which has been happening since 2013 may be propelled to another level. In any case, the task has experienced massive support from wireless operators the likes of Vodafone NZ, Telstra, and Telefonica.

 Moore has valuable industry experience

The veteran who has incredible commercial experience will be replacing Mike Cassidy who has been at the helm of the project since 2012. His expertise will be vital in the integration of Loon with networks according to Astro Teller, head of X. His primary role main will be to steer the launch of Loon into the next phase of making the internet balloons a commercial product. Meanwhile, Cassidy will stay on at Google X to carry out different projects.

It is not the first time that firm is poaching tech titans into its commercial endeavors. On board is also former Ford and Hyundai exec, John Krafcik, who has been running the company’s self-driving car division. Nonetheless, the company has also suffered the loss of particular team’s key members who have moved on to other challenging ventures.

Market challenges for Project Loon

The hiring of Moore to manage Loon is perhaps one of the best decisions that Google has made this far. However, this does not imply that the project will not be faced with challenges. Providing internet connectivity to rural and developing markets will not be a walk in the park. The customers are few or better still, they may not be willing to spend on such services. On the other hand, some wireless carriers are somehow shunning away the project. To them, it’s a potential rival.

However, this may not deter Moore who is well-travelled from doing what he knows best. He emphasizes the need for fresh approaches that will help in connecting rural and remote parts of the globe and at this point, Project Loon comes in handy. It will also assist in overcoming physical obstacles like mountains and jungles. But all said and done; it is not known when Alphabet will begin rolling out the balloon-based internet service.

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