Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Owned YouTube Introduces Major Changes To The Way It Regulates Videos


Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) owned YouTube, LLC has noted in its forum that it is introducing significant changes to the way it regulates videos including removal of clips and de-monetize channels.

YouTube noted that it has established a team of employees, which will be responsible for monitoring removals of videos.

Over the last few weeks, YouTube has been under lot of criticism over infringed videos with the likes of Call of Duty. The network admitted that it had shut down some videos wrongfully and will eliminate the mistake by ensuring videos are removed for a valid reason. A member of the policy team of YouTube named Spencer noted in a blog that viewer feedback has been very deceicive in the removal of videos.

YouTube noted that it had not witnessed a big change in the overall rate of removals though it had noted a surge in comments and discussion regarding enforcement of its policies. Most of the observations in the forum had pointed out that users are disgruntled by false copyright claims against videos. The site currently has appeals form for creators whose videos have been wrongfully removed due to age restriction and other policies. For a high profile, video creator who depends on advertising revenue, a wrongful removal of his/her video is a hard hit to their revenue.

The creation of a human team might have emerged from the growing critics on its automated content ID system that it was using. YouTube noted that it sought to create better communication channels between video creators and its support team. It also noted that it would offer transparency in monetization claims.

Brother Bones in a popular comment on the forum noted that Youtube was not monitoring copyright dispute systems and are allowing gross abuse of it. Youtube responded, telling Engadget that copyright issue was not under discussion in the coming reform however it will try to change the tide of the negative feedback so that it can retain its big users. If an uploader gets three strikes of infringement cases, their Youtube account might be removed and ultimately terminated.

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