Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Planning To Go For Internal Sim In iPhones


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is aggressively looking for ways to make its future iPhones slimmer but with all the necessary features that people have come to expect of the high-end smartphone. For long, the removal of the headphone has been mooted as one of the changes that could come with the next iPhone, believed to be iPhone 7. However, it may not be the only feature sure to cause shockwaves, as the iPhone maker considers developing iPhones without Sim trays.

Internal Sim

Sim tray takes up as much space as iPhone’s processor yet it is not that necessary in a world where there are technologies that can replace it without causing friction among consumers. By replacing the Sim Tray Apple would essentially deploy the same technology in use in iPad Pro 9.7 whereby an internal Sim is fitted which does not require an accessible card slot.

The big challenge with internal Sims is that Apple will have to ink deals with mobile networks around the world to ensure iPhones connect to any network regardless of one having a Sim card. However, configuring the same to support voice over networks could turn out to be an uphill task given that the technology as it stands is not yet configured for the same.

Fuelling Sales

If there is any company that can configure internal Sims to support voice over networks then it has to be Apple given its credentials in the tech space. Should Apple decide to go down this route, then it would force a change on mobile networks that could make Sim cards unnecessary in the long run.

Internal Sims, as well as iPhones without the headphone jack, is some of the changes that should come into play as Apple closes in on iPhone 10. These are the changes that the company I hoping to use to reinvigorate sales, which have stagnated in the recent past, as consumers remain reluctant to upgrade. Such changes could allow Apple to make waves in the smartphone business and fend off the threat posed by Android devices on sales.

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