Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Says The Digital Crown Feature May Find Its Way Into iOS Devices


At the release of Apple Watch, back in September 2014, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) incorporated the digital crown feature which enhances the user’s interaction with the device. It is a smart feature that provides easy and a quick content scroll then navigation back to the home screen. The side to side wheel may have been there for quite a while such that it has ceased being a surprise to many.

But the Cupertino company is not stopping at this. The wheel is likely to find its way into iOS devices the like the iPhone and iPad. Patently Apple has disclosed that an Apple patent application has been published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Will the digital crown feature fit in iOS devices?

It is no clear yet why Apple is considering adding a digital crown to the iPhone or iPad devices. However, the tech giant says that the feature whose reference is in the application is a “rotary input” will come in handy in as a volume controller or locking the touch screen.

Apparently, there has been a raging rumor over the years of a rational touch-only iPhone design which would replace the physical Home button. The current control of software across the iPhone and iPad has been by touch inputs since the 2007 iPhone launch. However, the introduction of iPadPro changed things a little because of the use of the company’s Apple Pencil

So, would it be that the truth in the rumor is now beckoning? Will the design ever see the light of the day? The patent application may not inherently imply that the digital crown will find its way into the iPhone and iPad. However, the company sounds optimistic that it would be a good way of moving around using fingers.

Apple has previously lost other patents

Many other companies have filed for different types of licenses. With the desire to bit the technological competition Apple has been filling for any kinds of technologies that it feels would work in its favor. But sadly it has often ended up losing the applications.

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