Drug Lord Escobar’s Brother Challenges Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) In A $1B Compensation Fight


Roberto Escobar, brother of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, has recently demanded $1 billion from Netflix Inc., which has based its series, entitled “Narcos” on his family and his brother’s drug business. He also warned the company of a possible legal action, should Netflix deny his requests.

Escobar on Narcos’ Accuracy

Netflix’s original series, Narcos, follows the story of the late Escobar, a drug lord who ran the Medellin cartel in Colombia and was shot dead in 1993.

On Wednesday, Escobar addressed Netflix through a letter that asks the company to give him the right to review the second season prior to release, citing that the first installment contained many inaccuracies and mistakes. For example, the drug lord has no brother in the series. He argued that Netflix is making a lot of money with the show and it is only just for the company to compensate him and his family.

Escobar Inc., the family’s company, claimed that it tried reaching out to Netflix after the latter registered the rights to the former. However, the streaming company did not respond. Should Netflix still not respond accordingly this time, Escobar warned that he is ready to bring the issue to the court, which can lead to the cancellation of the show.

Escobar, who has successor-in-interest rights to his brother, wants to guarantee the accuracy of Narcos as Netflix releases the second season later this year. Accordingly, it will highlight his brother’s escape from prison.

Escobar As His Brother’s Successor

Being entitled with the successor-in-interest rights, Escobar is responsible for all his brother’s assets, making him a rightful heir. Unless endorsed by the Escobar trademark, he believes that there should be no show depicting the kingpin’s life story.

Escobar is the drug kingpin’s accountant, managing his books even during the drug business’ high time. Consequently, he believes that he is the drug lord’s “closest ally”, making him the best source of his brother’s true story.

In 2009, Escobar published a book entitled, “The Accountant’s Story”— the title pretty much gives away what the book is all about.

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