Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Wins The Fight Against Ad- Blocking


It was announced that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has the intention to circumvent users with the use of Ad-blockers to still make them view ads. This is a risky choice as a typical user despises ads. However, as a $350 billion social mediaplatform, they are confident to be successful in their voyage of blocking ad-blockers.

The back and forth between Facebook and various ad blocker companies has reached a point where it almost seems humorous.

When Facebook stated that they would start incorporating code to block the use of ad-blockers. One of the leading ad-blocker companies stated that it would block the implementation of Facebook’s ad-blocker blocker. In response, Facebook is currently rolling out a fix which will disable the ad-blockers blocker blocking.

Although this may seem hysterical as you skim the paragraph, the stakes for Facebook are serious. If they are unable to ensure the sustainable total views of its advertisements, the $1 billion that it currently makes through desktop advertisements can be at a risk.

In order to diminish this risk, Facebook released an ad-blocker force field. This was released with a blog post which explained how users can select the type of ads that they would wish to see and various controls they could use to customize the ads that they view.

Eyeo, which created one of the largest leading ad-blockers Adblock Plus announced a few hours after Facebook’s blocker for ad-blocking was released, that they had developed a workaround to counter this and all users had to do was to go update their software on their site.

However, as Eyeo was feeling confident that they had managed to foil Facebook’s blocking ad-blocker plans. It was announced that not only was Facebook planning on rolling out a counter to counter their counter but also that the code implemented by Eyeo was additionally removing posts left from friends and various pages.

Despite Facebook being a net worth $350 billion company with countless resources and developers, the main expected reason for Facebook to win this game of Cat and Mouse with ad-blocker developers Is the simple fact that it removes posts from the user’s sight.

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