Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Causing Its Users To Be Unsatisfied Due To Posting Old Pictures


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), is known for bringing up old memories, of pictures, and statuses posted on the social platform. However, those who make use of this platform, will be well aware, that there are certain posts, which you would never want to see again.

However, this is exactly what some Facebook users are having to endure. It was first reported on December, 9. Various iPhone users reported the social platform sharing old posts, and pictures- as if the individual had only just shared them.

This includes various posts about old flings, drunken posts, and various other content – which many would rather wish remained in the past.

Facebook users reaction to this bug on the social media platform

Michael Grant, a frequent Facebook user, said in a post, “Facebook is running amok and posting old photos to my timeline as if they were just taken.”

For good reason, this most recent glitch in the platform has left many users annoyed. After all, posting a comment about an old fling is sure to cause problems to those in a new relationship, and this is just one example of the hardships, which could be caused by this glitch.

However, the error on the platform goes far more than just the simple re-sharing of old posts. In addition to this, several Facebook users have stated that the platform has re-shared over 50 old posts while removing certain friends on their friend list at the same time.

What has caused this bug

It is not clear yet, whether devs of the platform are doing this, as an insensitive prank. However, one of the reasons considered behind this glitch is that the error may have something to do with the most recent update to the Facebook iOS application.

There are also critics, which state that it may be due to the most recent feature released by Facebook, which is a short picture video composed of the previous year’s posts. A few individuals have also raised the concern, that these reposts could be the consequences of a security breach on the social media platform.

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