Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Is Pushing For A Live-Streamed World


It is evident that CEO of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Mark Zuckerberg intends to make his social mediaplatform a video first platform. The Wall Street Journal reported that in order to promote the Facebook Live feature; the social media giant, has launched a promotional campaign that will be placed on both billboards and television advertisements.

The planned Facebook advertisements are targeted to people who may not initially see a point to making use of the Facebook Live feature. Rather, it will focus on random people who are doing normal – everyday things or record good memories, showing the custom target market what can be possible through the use of their feature.

The Future Of Facebook Live Advertisement Campaign

Although Facebook has declined to provide any comments on their upcoming campaign, the COO of Facebook; Sheryl Sandberg announced that the video, which will be advertised is still early in the stages of development.

Carolyn Everson, the companies vice president of Global marketing solutions stated that the series of videos at the Rio Olympics, which showed the technology involved behind the event, was one of the preliminary tests to evaluating the use of Facebook Live for marketing purposes.

An example of the video that Facebook will be launching its campaign can be found here:

Further implementation of Facebook Live features

To illustrate the effectiveness of a live streaming application in real life. The DJI drone series is equipped with the ability to perform live streaming from a variety of social media sites, this includes that of Facebook Live.

Facebook has additionally included new features on Facebook Live, these features extend to the ability to fast forward through a clip in order to view the most interesting parts, as well as a no-limit duration on live broadcasts.

Although Facebook is not the only company that is implementing a series of ‘Live’ features that allow a higher interactivity rate on social media platforms, it is certainly one of the biggest social media platforms adopting an intensive market strategy.

For more information about Facebook Live, follow this tweet :

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