Google Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Symptom Checker That Self-Diagnoses Ailments


In a bid to become the preferred go-to source of information, Google Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) launched a symptom checker on Monday. The symptom checker seeks to provide the perfect tool for medical search queries. This is after it was observed that most users use Google for medical purposes the checker will enable users to check symptoms from a common pool of maladies.

How the symptom checker works

Users will be presented with related symptoms upon typing and searching an illness on Google search engine. The relevant results will be listed under the search bar. The results will have a detailed overview that provides description on symptoms, treatment tips and other related symptoms requiring the attention of a doctor. Users will be able to put a name to the symptoms they have as well as know the right course of action to take.

The symptom checker uses a Google’s Knowledge Graph to collect information from various sources. The information is then transformed into a readable format that users can read and understand. Citing the need for double-checking facts, Google will work with professionals from Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and other medical facilities. This will ensure that users get accurate information that provides the correct answers to users’ medical queries.

Users of the symptom checker will have easy and quick access to solutions that will save time. Seeking for answers on social forums, where fact-checking isn’t possible will be a thing of the past. Users will be able to unravel medical mysteries by simply using the symptom checker that narrows down the search to the most relevant information. The checker will also be available to phone users as an app.

The Google symptom checker will make self-diagnosis possible and easier. Users will no longer have to shift through a heap of information to get the correct diagnosis for their ailments. They will also be able to tell whether their ailment needs self-diagnosis or the attention of a doctor. This will get rid of guess work as well as providing solutions that have will give users a peace of mind.

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