Is Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Losing Its Grip In The Smartphone Market? Is Galaxy Note 7 The Next Big Thing?


The entry of iPhone from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) into the market in 2007 left many in awe given the claims by Steve Jobs that the introduction of the device was way ahead of time. On the face of it, it meant that the device would not have competition and right to the word, nine years down the curve, no one has come up with something better than the iPhone. However, it may just have been a mere claim then because there is something new in the market that seems to be making headlines; the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung Electronics.

The present of the Note 7 has been well-received with many of those who have had its feel claiming that it has incredible features. So is the iPhone losing its grip on the market given that its lead has never been smaller?

Let’s explore Note 7’s competitive features

Samsung is cleaning up its mess of software issues, a scenario that is putting Apple between a hard rock. Talking of its tangible features, it also has out-engineered Apple in a lot of significant ways. A faster processor and better camera are worth a mention plus wireless charging waterproofing, and design enhancement things that Apple seems to have ignored for a couple of years.

But apparently, the company seems unshaken by Samsung’s move. Instead, it is gearing up for a launch of a device that is taking the similarity of two models that have been released over the last two years. One of Apple’s brags is that no one can get a replica of its iOS which clears a nasty bug immediately, something that Samsung’s version of Android may not achieve.

Apple has more viable competitors

China and India are the largest Smartphone markets outside the US. However, Apple seems to be losing its grip on its Indian market. The use of Android is getting more preference from Indian consumers. In fact, the share for iOS devices was sliced almost by half in the second quarter, from 4.5% to 2.4%.

The loss of market for Apple has been attributed to fierce competition from cheaper devices. Take for example the iPhone SE; it is retailing at Rs 39,000 ($493) which is much higher than the average Smartphone price of $158. Nonetheless, Canalys analyst Daniel Matte says that India has been a tough nut for Apple to crack given the price sensitivity of the consumers.

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