John Braxton – Editor and Contributor

John serves as editor for Equities Focus as well as our senior correspondent for economy news. A graduate of the University of Georgia John is a veteran journalist and as it turns out is a ruthless editor. A self-described moderate, John is articulate and able to express both sides of an argument through his writing.

Josh Shuster – Contributor

Josh lends his expertise in covering  small-cap stocks. As a former broker for Merrill Lynch. Josh brings with him over 25 years of experience in trading markets of any size. Josh now lives in Dallas Texas where he works from home as a freelance writer for many financial websites and publications.

Deane Yancy- Contributor

Deane is a self-described workaholic with a passion for covering the commodities market. Deane also covers international markets for Equities Focus and likes to dig for the story behind the story in her writing. An English major from the University of Florida, Deane is a genuine wordsmith.

Stephanie Church – Contributor

Stephanie has developed writing finance news as an art form and is able to explain the most complex situations in ways that anyone can understand. Stephanie  has the heart of the teacher,and readers at Equities Focuss have established her as one of their favorites.  Stephanie is married and resides in Buffalo, New York with her husband, two little girls and one newborn son.

Kristine Brawn- Contributor

Kristine got her start in finance day trading from her home computer.  She spends her time looking for price and volume movers and reports for Equities Focus several times during each trading day. She calls San Diego home and frequently likes to tease her coworkers about the beautiful weather in her hometown.

Brady Quigley – Contributor

Brady is a personal finance specialist, with a conservative trading style. Brady likes to remind coworkers, slow and steady wins the race. His  top 10 dividend stocks are always a part of his conversation starters. With a finance degree from the University of Colorado,  Brady served as a floor trader on the New York Stock Exchange before answering his calling of writing.  Brady is single, but doesn’t think that is a long-term situation.