This is How Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Is Planning To Prevent iPhones From Recording Concerts


If Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest patent is anything to go by, then recording of live performances in concerts could be a thing of the past going forward. Filed in 2011 and approved early this week, the new patent outlines a process that if implemented will prevent iPhone cameras from recording in concerts or in classified facilities.

Preventing Illegal iPhone Recording

Apple’s approved patent describes a process where the camera will be able to detect an infrared signal and interpret the data accordingly. A signal generated from the same process will in return be able to disable any photography or video recording ongoing in the background.

Even though the same is not expected to go down well with some people, the same could gain favor with some. Blocking of views by devices all in the effort of taking a photo or recording a performance is a common nuisance in shows for some.

What this means is that artists will also be able to prevent the taking of illegal pictures in their shows. The same technology could also find its way in places like ports or sensitive security installation where it is illegal to take photos or make recordings.

The patent also describes a way where the technology could be used to make photos or videos taken in certain locations less clear and harder to understand. To achieve the same, a device may receive infrared signals with encoded data that apply a watermark to any images or videos taken in restricted areas.

 Positive Uses

The patent also has its positive uses. Apple says that the infrared signal generated could in return display information about objects when people visit places like Museums.

This is not the first time that Apple has outlined such a process. In 2012, it described a process that allowed wireless devices to act in certain ways based on the surrounding. The patent application approved in 2012 described a way where things like phones could go in silent mode while in places like Cinema, the same could also put devices in sleep mode while in exam rooms, gas stations or while on a flight.

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