This Is Why Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Won’t Be Rating Its Shows Any Time Soon


Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has downplayed calls to share data of the actual number of people streaming shows on its network. A fierce storm is already brewing in the background as the likes of NBC and startup SymphonyAM maintain that some of the network’s shows may not be as popular as purported.

 Netflix Shows Ratings

Amidst the standoff, SymphonyAM continues to track Netflix shows going to the extent of providing numbers that the streaming giant maintains are not accurate. SymphonyAM data paints an entirely different picture to what Netflix expected, having studied viewership patterns of new shows within 35 days of their release.

According to data collected between September 21 and May 2, ‘Hemlock Glove’ has not had the best of reception with viewers. SymphonyAM says only 1.55 million viewed the series 35 days after its release scoring a rating of 0.66 and an average critic score of 41/100. ‘W/Bob and David’ comes in at number 12 1.98 million having viewed it 35 days after release

‘Fuller House’ remains the most watched series on Netflix, more than 21.51 million people having watched it on the first 35 days of its release. ‘Making a Murder’ comes in at second, 19.35 million having watched it with ‘Daredevil’ summing up the top three with a viewership base of 11.65 million. ‘House of Cards’ popularity seems to be on the decline as it comes in at sixth 9.05 million having watched it with an average critic score of 77/100.

 Netflix Stance

Netflix has already refuted the data opting to remain secretive about the actual number of people watching its shows. On its defense, the streaming giant maintains that sharing such data would go a long way in hurting the process of creating great shows.

The Likes of NBC, which continue to grapple with the threat posed by streaming networks, will always do anything they can to get a glimpse of such ratings. However, they agree that the methodology used by the likes of SymphonyAM to rate shows may not be accurate, as they ought to be.

Given the standoff, Netflix should continue to maintain an edge in the business given that no one knows how popular its shows are. The same should go a long way in encouraging content creators, to come up with new shows rather than discouraging them that people are not streaming enough.

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