It Will Now Be Possible To Buy And Sell Games On Twitch

Twitch has revealed that it is now possible to purchase games on Twitch directly. This is after a feature that was initially made public earlier in the year went live. Developers will now have the ability to pitch special offers to the fans who might be watching the games being played on Twitch.

As an incentive, buyers will get rewards such as free ‘Twitch Crates’ and these will have randomized Twitch items such as Cheer bits, chat badges and emotes. But while the purchases will be made via Twitch, Amazon will fulfil the order or orders. For this to occur smoothly, users will be required to link their Uplay and Twitch accounts to their Amazon account.

Grand prize

The reward of a Twitch Crate will come with purchases worth $5 and over. There will also be a weekly draw in which Twitch Crates gear will be given away throughout the month of April. The grand prize will be streaming equipment with a value of over $500. While the value of the purchases is at present only indicated in US dollars, this will change in the near future as Twitch moves to localize purchasing experiences for its users across the globe.

Initially, about 50 games will be stocked and some of the titles include Warframe, For Honor, Firewatch, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Broken Age, Smite, Atlas Reactor, and Tyranny. This library is tiny compared to what other gaming e-shops including Humble, GOG and steam have. The limitation is, however, compensated by the fact that the few games available are perfectly tailored for the platform.

Desktop app

Buying of the games can be done either on the details page of a game on from the live Twitch channels. The game can be downloaded as well as played via services that are run by publishers such as Uplay or via the desktop app of Twitch.

The new feature will also allow partnered streamers make money through the purchases that have been made courtesy of their channel pages. For every sale made, partnered streamers will get a 5% cut. Creators of games will get a 70% cut. This might stir controversy, however, due to the fact that the line between paid advertisements and genuine content will only get blurred. For instance, since partnered streamers will be in a position to get more money by focusing on big releases many of them might be tempted to stream games with the end goal being to make as many sales as possible at the expense of entertaining viewers.