Tesla Teams Up With GMP To Offer Affordable Power Backup Plan In Vermont

Tesla has teamed up with Vermont utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) to offer customers affordable backup electricity. For just $15 a month or a one-time fee of $1,500, customers in the state will get back up batteries that will store emergency backup power for use during blackouts.

Tesla-GMP Deal

Under the terms of the agreement, the California-based sustainable energy company is to install 4,000 pound Tesla Powerpack battery units on utility land. The company is also to install up to 2,000 smaller-Powerwall battery packs, to individual customers across the state. Tesla will assume full ownership of batteries at the end of the program according to GMP spokeswoman, Kristin Carlson.

Green Mountain Power and Tesla are currently working on bundling Powerwall and Powerpack batteries into a single resource of shared energy. The two companies will also provide a wide range of grid services using the network of installed batteries. The same should go a long way on delivering dynamic capacity as well as grid stability while lowering costs for end customers.

Tesla has also confirmed plans to work with GMP in dispatching aggregated resource into New England electricity market. Carlson expects the same to result in additional savings for its customers.

The new batteries are expected to reduce the need for traditional manual controlled backup generators. They should also go a long way in reducing the peak energy load by 10megawatts according to initial estimates.

Affordable Renewable Energy

The new offering is quite cheap compared to the $37.50 test-run offering that GMP offered for Powerwall back in 2015. Reduced prices according to GMP is down to Tesla’s improvement of its Powerwall 2.0. Grid benefits as a result of the use of Tesla’s GridLogic software according to the company have also had an impact on pricing.

“The tremendous value is that this GridLogic platform is a game changer because it will lower cost for all customers those with and without the battery. Without action, the cost of the antiquated bulk grid will continue to increase and impact customers,” Carlson said.

Tesla is aggressively working with energy retailers across the globe as it looks to unlock the ability of its batteries to deliver grid services. The pioneer of electric cars is hoping to use its batteries to accelerate rapid adoption of renewable energy as the race for reliable and cost effective green energy heats up. The company already has energy storage deals in California, Connecticut, and Hawaii as it also continues to eye deals on the international scene.