BBB Warns About Payless Car Rental

Better Business Bureau has issued a warning nationwide concerning Payless Car Rental. The BBB disclosed that over 800 complaints had been made in the last three years concerning the car rental firm that operates at airports around the United States.

Consequently Payless Car Rental has been given an F rating by Better Business Bureau. The BBB is also urging the attorney generals of four states namely Oklahoma, New Jersey, Florida and California to conduct investigations on Payless Car Rental as well as its parent company Avis.

Unethical business practices

According to the BBB president in Eastern Oklahoma, some of the complaints that have been brought to the attention of the BBB involve contracts, billing and sales practices. A class-action lawsuit that has been proposed against Payless Car Rental will also focus on the ‘hidden’ fees that the car rental company has been accused of charging.

“They [Payless Car Rental] use low rates online to get people to use them over other rental agencies, but when you get there, they slam you with additional fees,” Greg Kohn, a lawyer involved in the class action lawsuit, said in an interview with ABC News.

Caveat emptor

Police officer Richard Alexander, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, revealed that during a 6-day family vacation in Las Vegas, he rented a vehicle from Payless Car Rental after getting from a 3rd-party website an online quote of approximately $217. At the car rental firm’s offices he was offered a free upgrade and he accepted after confirming that he would not be charged extra. Alexander then initialed the agreement but on returning the car, he found that his total bill was $528. Among the things he was charged for included roadside service protection and insurance.

For the benefit of consumers the BBB advises that before renting a car, it is important to call a couple of firms to compare prices of the type of vehicle you want. The BBB also advises that prospective renters should ask about all the fees they are required to pay before signing on the dotted line.

To get a cheaper deal, prospective renters are also advised to make a reservation since unreserved rentals tend to cost more. It is also important to make a call to the car rental firm to confirm the reservation in order to be sure that it will be available at the time of arrival. Additionally, prospective renters are advised to read the contracts carefully before signing.

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