Pokemon Go Fests Scheduled For Europe Delayed

Niantic Labs is postponing a number of its planned Pokemon Go Fests in Europe. The studio announced that its European events scheduled for next month will be moved to a later date in fall. Niantic is saying it needs more time “to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience for European Trainers.”

Two Pokemon Go Fests were scheduled to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, and Copenhagen, Denmark, on August 5. Two more events were set to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, and Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 12. All four of those events have been delayed.

Other Pokemon Go Fests announced for Germany, France, and Spain are not being affected by the delay. Those events will still be held on September 16 as originally planned. The company is also still planning to host a Yokohama, Japan-based gathering on August 12.

The announcement from Niantic Labs also contained an apology to the Pokemon Go players that were planning to attend events that have now been delayed. The company is promising that some rare Pokemon will soon be available for a limited time in a number of European cities where trainers will be able to catch them. It’s currently unclear which Pokemon usually unavailable in Europe will appear and where they will pop up. Niantic Labs promised to share more details on the matter shortly.

Niantic Labs threw a big event in Chicago last weekend to celebrate the first year of Pokemon Go. The popular mobile game became a social phenomenon last summer. Niantic had advertised that attendees would get hard-to-find Pokemon, drawing many to purchase tickets for the event. Unfortunately, the event quickly dissolved into a large-scale fiasco.

Cellular service was spotty, and server issues prevented players from logging into the game. The game was rendered unplayable for almost the entirety of the event. When Niantic CEO John Hanke took to the stage for his opening remarks, players booed him.

The company originally blamed wireless carriers for the issues, but later promised to improve its own technologies to make future Pokemon Go Fests more enjoyable. The company ultimately ended up offering refunds and $100 worth of Pokecoins to players.

Some of the game’s fans were so disappointed that they filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Chicago-based attorney Thomas Zimmerman said that “20 or 30” plaintiffs have joined the class-action suit. The lawsuit is mainly an effort to have their travel expenses recouped. Zimmerman insisted that his clients were asking for the amount of money spent on travel be covered more than anything else.

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