New Way Of Coating iPhones In Gold Patented By Apple

A patent granted to Apple has been published and it details a way for making enclosures used in electronic devices from hardened gold. This is because 18-karat gold naturally possesses low hardness but the iPhone maker has come up with a way of hardening it. According to the patent this is done by mixing the 18-carat gold with other metals before taking it through a process which involves heating, rolling, mixing, aging and cooling the metal.

Some of the devices that could use the technology include notebook computers, tablet computers and mobile phones. Components such as appliance screens and instrument windows could also use the technology. Additionally the process could result in the making of colors that were cosmetically appealing such as purple gold, blue gold, green gold, gray gold, white gold, pink gold, rose gold, red gold and yellow gold.

iPhone X preorders

The publication of the patent coincides with the release of the iPhone X which for preorders is only available in space gray or silver colors and not the rose gold or gold colors as was the case in the earlier models.

Preliminary reports on the iPhone X preorders indicates that demand has so far outpaced supply and consequently shipment dates have been pushed to December which is twice the amount of time compared to the iPhone 7 a year ago. With online preorders have started simultaneously in over 50 countries, it was estimated that deliveries in some key markets such as Japan, China and the United States would take between five and six weeks.

Last year when the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 were released, deliveries were made within a period of between one and three weeks. Three years ago the wait time for the iPhone 6 was one week while the iPhone 6 Plus had a wait time of between three and four weeks.

Manufacturing issues

According to analysts Apple must overcome the production issues it is facing if the company’s projections are to remain on target.

“The biggest risk for Apple is the supply chain. Are they going to be able to fill preorders for the iPhone X? If they can, they’re in good shape. If they can’t, they’re going to miss some numbers this year,” said the co-founder of mobile engagement firm Localytics, Raj Aggarwal.

Apple is expected to shed more light on the demand and supply numbers for its most expensive iPhone ever when earnings are announced on November 2.

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