Minnesota’s Incentive Offer To Amazon Not As Generous As Other States

Reports indicate that Minnesota’s state Legislature has promised Amazon that it will offer bigger incentives should the online retailer decide to up its second headquarters there. This is according to letters which had been sent by officials of the state including the governor and the economic development commissioner.

Minnesota has offered state assistance of under $5 million which is less than the offers made by other states. Despite the meagre financial incentives compared to other states, Minnesota has touted other selling points which include proximity to an airport as well as the presence of local universities and colleges.

Minnesota Legislature

But with the involvement of the state Legislature bigger incentives could be offered as has happened in the past. Previously the Minnesota Legislature has authorized $498 million towards the construction of a U.S. Bank Stadium and $585 million for a hospital.

This comes in the wake of the online retail giant announcing that Amazon Music Unlimited and the Echo were being expanded to an additional 28 new countries. Compared to Prime Music there is a wider selection on Amazon Music Unlimited which currently has a catalogue of over 40 million songs besides offering curated stations and playlists. Another difference is that Prime Music is offered at no cost to members of Amazon Prime while there is a fee on Amazon Music Unlimited.

“Music is such an incredible global connector, and with Amazon Music Unlimited we’ve been able to give listeners access to an extensive catalog with the added experience of using their own voice to hear music in so many ways with Alexa,” said the vice president of Amazon Music, Steve Boom.

Additional countries

Countries that are on the expanded list are in Europe, North America, Asia and South America and they include the Netherlands, Poland, Peru, Chile, Iceland, India, Canada and Belgium.

And just like the competitors of Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited including iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Tunein, Pandora and Spotify, the online retailer has added new alarm capabilities to its Alexa-enabled devices. This will now see users given the ability to set a music alarm.

This comes at a time when Amazon Music Unlimited is growing in popularity a little more than a year since it was launched. Currently it has emerged as the third-biggest digital music service in terms of subscriber numbers according to a study conducted by Midia Research. In the lead position is Spotify followed by Apple Music.

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