Huawei To Sell Smartphones In The United States Through Carriers

Huawei, a Chinese mobile devices manufacturer, has announced that it will begin selling smartphones through mobile carriers in the United States in 2018. Currently Huawei is the third-largest handset seller in the world behind Apple and Samsung.

According to the Huawei’s consumer business president, Richard Yu, details would be announced next month during the Consumer Electronics Show. Sales are likely to begin the Huawei Mate 10, the company’s flagship phone. Yu did not however reveal the wireless carriers or carrier through which it would be sold or even the price.

“We will sell our flagship phone, our product, in the U.S. market through carriers next year. I think that we can bring value to the carriers and to consumers. Better product, better innovation, better user experience,” Yu said in an interview.

Market share

Currently there are some Huawei models which are sold online as well as in electronic stores in the United States. However the smartphone manufacturer has a small market share in the U.S. since it’s a market where most sales are made via wireless carriers. Though Huawei trails Apple and Samsung across the globe with regards to handset shipments, it leads in its domestic market of China. This year Huawei expects to ship approximately 150 million units.

Per Yu Huawei’s mobile devices’ business would remain unaffected by the concerns of the U.S. government that the Chinese firm poses a security threat. Such concerns derailed demand in the United States for its telecommunications networking gear.

Developing markets

The company which was started three decades ago by an ex-military engineer is the first brand from China to become a leading global technology supplier. Huawei is currently the largest switching equipment supplier to internet and telephone firms in the world. Since the 90s Huawei has been manufacturing mobile phones. The first Huawei smartphone was launched seven years ago.

Last year Huawei recorded a $5.4 billion profit after generating revenues of approximately $75.6 billion. Most of Huawei’s sales are in developing markets including the top two most populous countries in the world – China and India. The fact that its premium smartphone as well as Honor, its mid-market smartphone brand, has grown at a faster rate compared to Apple or Samsung has prompted suggestions that it might soon outrank the iPhone maker.

In the most recent reported quarter, handset shipments from Huawei increased by 16.1% year-over-year to reach a figure of 39.1 million. Apple’s handset shipments on the other hand grew by 2.6% to reach a figure of 46.7 million per market research firm IDC.

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