AT&T To Conduct 5G Trials In Magnolia Market

The Dallas, Texas-based telecommunications giant, AT&T, will be expanding the fixed wireless trials of 5G to Magnolia Market. Around 5,000 weekly visitors to the retail complex as well as employees at the site will start testing the new technology prior to an expansion to all markets starting late next year. Other places where trials are taking place include Austin, Texas; South Bend, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

In this particular trial AT&T is seeking to obtain information with regards to the different user experiences from different devices. With the 5G network, enhanced reliability and faster speeds which support video streaming are expected. The 5G technology is also expected to handle augmented and virtual reality, autonomous cars and connected home devices.

Heavy traffic loads

AT&T chose Magnolia Market as a location for the trials due to the fact that is possesses multiple-applications use scenario, heavy traffic loads as well as most of the customers to the complex use social media heavily. The choice of South Bend and Kalamazoo was also determined by user behavior as those two are college towns.

In Austin the 5G trial was being conducted in small businesses, an apartment complex as well as a church whose congregation was known for heavy downloading of Bible sections via Wi-Fi. According to AT&T’s radio technology and strategy assistant vice president, Dave Wolter, the new trials will be assessing how the 5G technology handles various building materials as well as the different foliage and terrains.

Board departures

The new 5G trials by AT&T coincides with a decision by the chief executive officer of the telecommunications giant, Randall Stephenson, to resign from the Boeing and Emerson Electric boards in order to dedicate more time to his primary duties. This comes amidst efforts by the telecommunications firm to get the go-ahead needed to acquire Time Warner.

Emerson Electric and Boeing announced the exit of Stephenson from their boards in separate SEC filings. Both companies said Stephenson needed to concentrate on the merger which is currently in litigation following a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“The coming year will be an extremely busy one for Randall, as we work to litigate our Time Warner deal. Because of this and the time required to effectively serve on the Emerson and Boeing Boards, he felt it was best to resign,” said AT&T in a statement.

Stephenson has been on Emerson Electric’s board for over a decade while he joined the board of Boeing last year in February.


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