Avengers: Infinity War Soars to New Record at Box Office

Thor and Spider-man were huge successes and the Black Panther ended up crushing both. However, none of the three Marvel films could compare to Avenger: Infinity War the new shinning jewel of the movie franchise. The movie made its worldwide premier over the weekend and smashed records with its $630 million take at the box office, easily the largest global opening ever.

Marvel’s expectations were high for its latest movie, which is the first of a two-part final, that will bring to an end a 20-film franchise.

The movie has a host of film stars with five-star names such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Pratt and many others.

The group of super-heroes come together to bring down villain Thanos, who is played by Josh Brolin, the biggest villain of the series to date. Disney spent as much as $300 million to make this movie as well as more than $150 million to market it.

The previous box office record holder, the Fate of the Furious, was crushed by Infinity War even though it took in $542 million. Infinity War took first place without even opening in huge markets such as Russia and China, where it will not debut for another two weeks.

In the U.S., the film earned $250 million making it Hollywood’s biggest ever opening. When adjusting for inflation, Star Wars slightly beats out Infinity War.

Disney now has nine out of the top 10 highest openings for the U.S. of all time, of which six are part of its Marvel franchise.

Infinity War is now setting its sights on breaking records such as the fastest movie to top $1 billion and the highest-ever grossing movie.

The endurance of the film should be helped by the majority of positive reviews by critics as well as receiving an A in CinemaScore exit polls by audiences. It is very likely that the franchise’s super fans will help boost the gross by going back to see the movie on multiple occasions.

The success at the box office that Marvel reaches after each new release suggests superhero fatigue is not close to setting in, and these types of movies can break new records with what is considered little effort.

However, in 2017, Justice League opened with just $94 million, which for its price tag to produce close to that of Infinity War, was considered close to being a flop.

No other studios had movies premiering this weekend in anticipation, so Infinity War was not competing against any major releases. Second place was taken by A Quiet Place, a Paramount horror movie that John Krasinski directed which earned just $10.6 million and now has earned $148 million since its debut.