Another body found at Illinois factory; death toll reaches 3

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Search and recovery personnel discovered that the body of another employee Sunday from the rubble of a northern Illinois silicone mill that exploded and burst into flames 2 days before, bringing the death toll to 3 employees with one more body thought to be from the debris, a fire official said.

They had been searching for the bodies of two of the nine employees who were there when the building was rocked by an explosion Friday night and left it a skeleton.

It took two weeks to recovery staff Sunday to bring the body out day, Lenzi said in a statement. The hunt for the body was called off and will restart on Monday, ” he explained.

Saturday 1 body was found. Four individuals were taken to the hospital Saturday, along with among these died later. The condition of the other three workers in the hospital wasn’t immediately understood, Lenzi said. The third confirmed departure was the body situated with another body to recover. Treatment was not required by two other workers .

Though Lenzi said it originated in the construction where the silicone is generated the cause of the explosion has not been determined.

“The majority of the procedures that they do are extremely non-hazardous. Silicone itself, maybe perhaps not a hazardous substance,” Lenzi said.

AB Specialty Silicones makes specialization silicone chemical raw materials for products like coatings, sealants and adhesives.

Lenzi said authorities also have concluded that the explosion and fire were casual.

“We aren’t looking at play.”

Lenzi said that from the evaluation they have gleaned by information, some others to get and of the employees realized that something was wrong.

Lake County Coroner Howard Cooper reported that his office could run autopsies Monday and would announce the names of the victims and causes of death. Records are utilised to identify at least one of the deceased, ” he explained.